Roomba 697 Robot Hoover

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Robot vacuum cleaner - black - Roomba 697 - IROBOT

Technical data

Size: 33.5cm x 9.3cm
Weight with battery: 3.56 kg
Suction technology: Aerovac
Filters: Aerovac
Central brushes: 2 (bristle, rubber)
Integrated Handle: Yes
Wheel height adjustment: Yes
Vacuum Sensors: 4
Dirt Sensors: Acoustic (piezoelectric)
Approach sensors: Yes
Power: 33W
Battery autonomy: up to 60 min
Battery type: Li-ion battery
Power supply: 220/240 V
Charging: fast, 2h

Integrated technologies and systems
Navigation technology: iAdapt Responsive Cleaning with Wall Following
Wi-Fi connection / iRobot HOME App and Clean on the Go
One Touch & Go: Yes
Dirt Detection System: Dirt Detect
Programming: days and hours on 24 hours
Automatic return to the charging base: Yes
Anti-Tangle System: Yes
Automatic vacuum recognition system: Yes
Self-diagnosis system: Vocal in Italian
Optimization for Pet Collection: Yes

Moves precisely under furniture.
Simple: Just press the CLEAN button.
Clean: The 3-step cleaning system with rotating side brush easily catches dust, dirt, pet hair and large debris such as grain.

3-step cleaning

It cleans where it is most needed. The 3-step cleaning system eliminates the most visible dirt and smallest particles on floors and carpets.

IAdapt navigation
A full suite of advanced sensors allows Roomba 600 Series to navigate under, around furniture and along wall edges and avoiding stairs and other obstacles.

No worries
It moves under furniture and around objects. It moves intelligently around the house. The full set of smart sensors, guide your robot under and around furniture, to deep clean the floor around furniture, to deep clean the floor.