Hoco ES38 in Ear Buds

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1. Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth V5.0 JL6936D 
2. Charging time: about 1 hour 
3. Battery capacity: 200mAh (charging case); 30 mAh (single ear) 
4. Talk music time: 3 hours; Standby time: 150 hours 
5. Size: 60.6 * 45.2 * 21.7mm; total weight: 32g; 3g (single ear) 
6. Support the pop-up window of Apple mobile phone (iphone7 and later versions of iOS system upgrade to 13.2 version), support iPhone to change the Pairing name, support "Hey, Siri"; in-ear detection support music playback, support Apple phone "Find App" "Positioning; three true power display of charging compartment / left and right earphones(With black siliconsleeve) 
7. Charging compartment supports wireless charging function.