Mi Outdoor Wide Angle Security Camera

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Main Features:

-   Large wide-angle HD lens
The high-definition picture is presented in all directions, and the range is wide and the picture is more delicate.
-   150° wide wide angle lens
The 150° wide-angle coverage of the surveillance area allows your viewing angle to reach a place that is often out of reach, and the picture quality is clearer and smoother.
-   Night vision long distance, infrared HD
F2.0 large aperture lens with 4 infrared light dot matrix lights, with high-efficiency infrared light maximum viewing distance of 15 meters, see farther and clearer.
-   HD 1080P, the picture is more realistic
With a 200W pixel HD lens, it can display 1080P fine image quality.
-   Two-way voice, more convenient communication
Two-way voice intercom, support video real-time intercom, thousands of miles of sound, anytime, anywhere can be warm with the family members.
-   Motion detection + cloud humanoid detection
You can view the dynamics anytime, anywhere through the device such as mobile phone/tablet: upgrade the high-end humanoid detection function, effectively filter invalid reports,